A True Luxury Brand

A ‘Gourmet Grab & Go’ with NJ Gift appeal,
Jersey Girl chocolate bars will generate consistent year round sales.
An excellent alternative to ‘Godiva type’ chocolate bars.

Jersey Girl Chocolates are idea for Gourmet Markets, Deli’s, Pharmacy/Gift, Liquor and Specialty stores. Our gourmet chocolate bars will make an excellent addition to your retail offerings, and you’ll discover just how much your customers love them.

A well positioned display will yield consistent sales with generous returns.

Suggested Retail pricing is $ 2.85 – 3.50 per bar depending on market & clientele

We’ll be happy to discuss how to set up a display in your market or store.

The Name Attracts the Customer . . .
. . . The Quality brings them back

Display Options for Classic Chocolate bars
Classic wire – holds 1+ box (24-28/units)

Acrylic standard – holds 3 boxes (72 units)

2 tier Acrylic – holds 6 boxes (144 units)

UPC Codes
Classic Jersey Girl flavors

Full boxes of 24
891603001002 premium milk (2/oz)
891603001026 select dark (2/oz)
891603001071 crispy (2/oz)
891603001101 salted pretzel crunch (2/oz)
additional flavors . . .
891603001019 peanut butter (2/oz)
891603001033 Caramel bliss (2/oz)

Jersey Girl rEvolution line (custom gourmet)
-little less Gifty -little more Gourmet
Full Boxes of 36 (or assorted 18/18)
Display -in basket or creative exhibit
w/eye-catching merchandise piece
891603001125 Dark-S’mores (1.5/oz)
891603001118 Dark-Cashew (1.25/oz)

Product Expiration-while most chocolates will stay in-tact for several years, we recommend 18-24 months from date of manufacture on our classic line, and 12 months for our rEvolution line. Each bar of Jersey Girl chocolate will have a 5 digit code on them. The first number on the left is the year of manufacture, and the next three numbers are the day of the year. The fifth digit is for internal use as to which production run. So a code may look like this 92321 – the 9 tells us 2019, and the 232 tells us it was made on the 232 day of that year.

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Classic Display
Acrylic Display
2 Teir Acrylic Display