Jersey Girl chocolate bars are perfect for fundraising.

The brand is especially attractive to ‘New Jersey Girl’ teams & organizations – and generates immediate excitement.

As a gourmet product, Jersey Girl Chocolate bars can provide your organization . . .
MORE  MONEY  PER  SALE  (compared to other fundraising candies).
* We also provide FREE Gifts for you to award to your top sellers -NO one else does that!
and FREE DELIVERY in New Jersey
= more profit for your organization.

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To Plan Your Fundraising Order. . .

Estimate volume based on case quantities (8 bx/case)

If each participant sells two boxes (48 bars) and you have 20 participants -estimate 5cs (40bx)
If each participant sells 3/boxes (for 20 participants) you would need 7.5 cases

Payment upon Delivery (COD)  
FREE delivery in New Jersey

*IMPORTANT: Product Sensitivity To Heat
Organize your fund raising so your participants Do NOT Store or Display Chocolate in temperatures above 72 degrees or . . where Direct Sunlight can warm the product.
And. . .
Store chocolates in cool dry places and DO NOT leave in cars.

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